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About Us

A Unique Indigenous Australian Impact Asset Manager

Burra Asset Management provides its clients a complete end to end business platform that enables prosperity across all stakeholders in our First Nations community.

By starting with the design, development and implementation of Community investment projects, that will in turn, protect native title lands whilst providing benefit to specific indigenous community, allowing the First Nations group to retain control from the outset.

We believe Burra Asset Management can change the financial and social wellbeing of all communities through its unique 'impact investment solutions'. Our goal is to facilitate all Indigenous stakeholder groups, both Australian and throughout the world, to build their own to 'financial independence strategy', for their people and for the generations to come.

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About Our Firm

How It All Began

Burra Asset Management was founded on the focus on impacting Indigenous communities for economic and social good. Our business focuses on enabling indigenous communities to enrich their lands whilst creating economic outcomes. Through our services we aim to deliver 4 key objectives. Health, Education and Employment and Development.

We deliver this through developing, implementing and managing carbon offset projects.

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